Science Communication

Nov 2021

Article: Sea squirts and the origin of the vertebrate brain

My second article for Princeton Insights! This time I delve into what studying the nervous system of sea squirts can tell us about how complex brains originated.

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Oct 2021

My first podcast!

I hosted a podcast for the first time! This was a follow-up to an article I wrote about hummingbird vision. I spoke with Cassie Stoddard (my PhD advisor) about the experiments she did to determine if hummingbirds can see colours that are not in the rainbow--nonspectral colours! Listen to find out more.

July 2021

Some Twitter fun!

Together with labmates, I've started sharing some fun specimens from the Princeton ornithological collection on Twitter with the hashtag #flappyhour.

Apr 2021

Article: Prince, perception and purple

My first article for Princeton Insights! I explore how behavioural experiments are teaching us what colours hummingbirds can and can't see.

Image by Becky Matsubara on Flickr.

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